About Us

The EAHNLP Association was formed from professional Hypnotherapist  & NLP Practitioners in Europe  It is a non profit organization based in Cyprus which serves, protects and represents the professional interests of Hypnotherapists and NLP Practitioners.


  • To seek official and public recognition of qualified practitioners of Hypnotherapy and NLP.
  • The promotion, development, research and practice of Hypnotherapy and NLP for the benefit of all.


  • The maintenance and coordination of training standards.  Codes of Ethics and professional conduct.
  • To promote, develop, research and practice the art of hypnotherapy and NLP and the science of hypnotherapy and to extend the proper understanding of hypnosis in all its branches and aspects.
  • To provide and organisation for the protection of both the general public and practising hypnotists and NLP.
  • To collaborate with similar organisations with a view to seeking official recognition of the practice of Hypnotherapy and NLP of qualified registered practitioners.
  • To establish liaison for practitioners, professional auxiliaries and lay working with the Health Authorities and the general public.
  • To train, teach, qualify and register bona fide qualified entrants to the profession of Hypnotherapy and NLP by recognised, comprehensive and extensive training courses under the close supervision of highly trained teachers, lecturers and practitioners of long experience and standing.


  • Administration is maintained through a democratically elected Committee voted into office by members of the Association, such Committee and its members abiding by a full and proper Constitution, Code of Ethics and Practice and Disciplinary Procedures.
  • All proceeds from annual and renewal subscription, seminars, workshops, etc. are credited to the Association only and no officials receive any monetary gain other than normal expenses for work done on behalf of EAHNLP.
  • The Committee of the day is responsible for ethical and disciplinary standards together with updating members as to legal and statutory requirements.
  • All members are required as a condition of membership to hold full Professional Liability Insurance cover.

If you are a professional and you want to become a member of EAHNLP

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