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Join-us today and become  member of the EAHNLP Association for just €5 for the First year and €60 for each of the following years.

Minimum Requirement
We only allow members that have been trained professionally with hands on training as Hypnotherapists and NLP practitioners.  EANLP association gives a “Hypnotherapist and Life Coacher” membership Certification.

How to Join
Fill in the online application form below, providing details about relevant qualifications.

Read and angry with the Code of Practice and Ethics.
Please make sure you send the following attachments with your application

  • An attachment of your Diploma in Hypnotherapy from a Qualified Institute
  • An attachment of your NLP Practitioner Certification from a Qualified Institute
  • A payment of €5 for the first year membership with a recurring payment of  €60 for each of the following years.

All members will be sent by email a certificate of membership. This keeps our postage down and allows us to keep our prices low.
We encourage people to become members as it allows people to see they are interested in Hypnotherapy and NLP. We will also be able to keep you informed of any discounted offers or exciting news and gossip.

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